... those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth

John 4:24

To lead the congregation, believers and unbelievers alike in true worship and lead them into the presence of God under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. To create an atmosphere of passionate, yet transparent worship that glorifies and answers the call of the Great Commission.

To lead the body of Christ into a deeper revelation of God’s presence through praise and worship. We will exhibit a hunger and thirst in our lives that is contagious and liberating for the church. We will demonstrate relationship with the Holy Spirit, the agent of change in the church, by becoming praying people who are gifted, as opposed to being gifted people who pray. We will not be satisfied until we see the cold and complacent become the fervent and attentive in worship. Through music and adoration, we will seek to broaden the idea of worship in the minds and hearts of all who worship with us. Amen.

Core Values

Above all else Pray and Seek the Lord in all you do.
Always work toward crafting your gift.
Do life together.
Look for the best in others.
Honor yesterday, Inspire tomorrow.